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Default Re: chain keeps hitting tire

Originally Posted by SeattleMike View Post
I think I'm going to try and cut the knobs off, but I like the knobs. Is there another way? has anybody made some kind of a 'tire guard' thing, that blocks the chain from hitting the tire?
I got lucky - mine barely hit the knobs for a couple rotation and done.


I would space the rear sprocket away using a set of matched washers. How much interference are you having?

Just go to the hardware store and get 9 washers....(take rear wheel off) loosen the sprocket bolts - and I'm thinking NO NEED to take the sprocket all the way off if it's loosened - then one at a time take a bolt out and put a washer between back of sprocket and outside donut.

I haven't done this - am I making sense?
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