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Originally Posted by eDJ View Post

But that's the power of the internet !
True dat.

I used to collect books. Mostly Marine manuals and the classics. Lost interest when I found the magic box. The books although things of beauty and truth... never can be updated. Truth stays the same for ever on that page.

Carol's Mom is 83. Every time some thing (and very often is) like you said a recipe, odd or trivial fact discussed, I look it up. Watching The president address congress was amazingly educational. Looked up facts about the way the fed is set up and a whole bunch of just things you would passingly wonder about, but not get to half of those questions with out being able to look it up in seconds, at home.

Yesterday "Mrs. Ma" (Is what I call her. After 20 yrs and 7 months, lol) asked me what Google is. I told her and her eyes glazed over as I spoke. Ran up to my office and grabbed a lap top with an airless card and showed her what Google is. We searched her late husbands name and found pics of places where she had been as a child. Taken around the time she was a child. It was really cool. She was worried she would break some thing if she touched the key board. To ease her in to it and build confidence, I opened a game of solitaire. Worked great! I hope to get her to open an email account by next week. Got me to thinking about doing a 101 for seniors. I learned a whole bunch during that game of solitaire.
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