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Default spray can paint job.


all you guys are talking about custom paint with auto paint and air brushes and they are without a doubt beautiful. In my case I wanted to cover the rust and scratches on my old sissy Schwinn. The one I bought for twenty five bucks to use for bike parts. Actually it started out as a light weight electric bike, which is how it got so scratched up.

So I went to home depot and bought a spray can of Rustoleum medium blue paint. The bike as you have seen on other threads was blue when I started. I shot it in my workshop. I used an old photo backdrop cloth to mask off the engine.

When I finished it was just sooooo blue, I was really upset with myself. I backed off three feet then shaded it with some black spray paint I use when I build cameras. Well I don't build, i really just cobble them just like the bike is cobbled.

Anyway it was pretty rough looking so I bought a can of rubbing compound. The rubbing compound has really done a nice job of blending the colors and smoothing the paint out. Several more hours will be needed I'm sure, then several more with a chrome cleaner, but when I finish it will really look... just ok.... lol...

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