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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

Originally Posted by Mopedamauter79 View Post
The only thing I did was remove the old spark park and put the new one in. I tried to get the wires from the wire box back into the plug wire cap. Can't seem to get it to screw around the wire properly. I even tried just the wire around the tip of the spark plug and put it's tip cap on it to keep the wire from coming off... Still nothing.
Toss the stock wire. Get a single 7mm 90 cap wire. Cut to length.Take a sharp pin or tiny screw and drive it about 1/8-1/4" in - right in the center of the conductor - now screw it on the "wood screw" terminal.

What spark plug are you using?

Is your fuel fresh? carb set? choke all the way on? Head nuts tight?
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