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The internet thing amazes me. Yesterday, spoke to some one in Australia, U.K. and Ukraine. Secured funding for school. Worked and learned some great stuff all before lunch. We live in exciting times, eh? The magic box (home computer) is like a library card to every library on the planet.
Absolutely ! It's the most amazing thing I've seen in my lifetime. For years I spent time in
libraries and wishing I could get more and better info on things that interested me. Now I can.

And the people I meet now, all over the world. There are people where I live who simply can't
believe the things I speak of. I had one the other day who thought she'd put me to the test
and asked if I could find her an old recipe for "Pickled Corn" as she described her grandmother making
it. Within 15 minutes I found a half dozen recipes just as she described. She was in awe of the fact
I even found one recipe let alone how fast and easily....since she's looked for it for years.

But that's the power of the internet !
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