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Default Brown Leather seat&bag

I have been looking for an antique style seat and trunk bag. (saddle bags, but many manufactures call them this, dunno) Carol and I stopped in a wally world we had never been to before to pick up some thing unrelated. As always, had to check out the bikes. Found an awesome seat and what they call a "roll tote bag" It is the shape of a can but much larger, and mounts on the handle bars or seat. Exactly the look I was trying for. Still looking for saddle bags, I went to wally worlds web site but could not find the ones I had just bought. Went to (bell's site) and it wasn't there either. Searched specifically for those items and (Canada) carrys them but not the US stores. I just got lucky. Any way, thought I would post/share. The pics do them no justice. They look way better in non-cycber motorized bicycle world.


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