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Originally Posted by myke View Post
thanks, I think I liked the buscycle the best!
Myke, did you see this? I really considered bidding. Should have a bar top in the middle with a tap. Would make bar-hoping interesting. Henry Works Cycle, 7 Person Conference Bike at

Originally Posted by eDJ View Post
With so many people looking for a job now, that CartCycle could make sense for street vending.
Of course there will always be a Cop asking "Where'd ya get da cart" ?

Still, you could set a cooler with Dry Ice and Ice Cream novelties in the cart to sell goodies
around the beach, park, pool, or at a parade. With a Market Umbrella placed on the cart
you could sell ice cream, soda in cans, chips, candy bars, and misc snacks while sitting in the
shade. If you have a umbrella with flaps that hand down you could write ice cream on one flap,
Cold Drinks on another, Chips & Sancks on another, and so on to advertise.

With several of them you could have school kids working CartCycles and use a stationwagon or
mini van etc full of goods to restock your carts. Everyone has a cell and you're good to go.
Is funny you say that eDJ, I thought the same thing only as a hot dog cart. Tiger tooth posted a really funky looking cargo-forward English bike and now that thought is stuck in my head. Was some insanely high priced bike but would be perfect for what your saying and a really cool MB. If I can't find it, I will ask him tomorrow. (Last I heard today he was still working on the jet engine) Is old world. You will like it.
worst apocalypse ever

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