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Default Re: Need advice...Great site lots of info...

...for myself I have enough experience and skill to be able to follow instructions, generally I am a resonably skilled do-it-yourselfer...some of the things you guys discusss on this forum are way above my comprehension, I am a good troubleshooter, I have built many bicycles (current) and a few mini bikes back in the day....its definitely a hobby/interest that I am going to imerse myself in, I cant tell you how "happy" I was when I first found this site and subsequent sites on the far as the further goal goes the market I see for this is one that is dear to my is not a huge commercial market, the people are relatively poor and disposable income is is a country where people take great pride in there things and a motorized bicycle would greatly benefit them, as well as being a "green" form of transport, which is very important......however my first concern is to find the right "machine" for me and then assess its value as a form of transport to others later... by the way I am refering to Dominica and Grenada in the Caribbean wher I have family...and I think these motorized bikes would be awesome....
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