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Default A few questions

Well, it looks like NC law states that I don't need license, insurance or registration on a motorized bicycle at or under 49cc or so. So, I am definitely interested. But, I have a few questions. I'm thinking about kitting my Giant Cabriolet ten speed road bike, and all of the kits in my price range (in frame) seem to come with a twist throttle which won't work on the "ram's horn" handlebars, although I think the clutch handle will fit nicely above the brake handle on the right side. So, I guess a thumb throttle will do the trick, but I'm not sure exactly what to look for. Would it just be easier to yank the "ram's horn" handlebar off and put a straight bar on? I don't really want to replace the handlebars like that because I will need to reconfigure the brakes, and I think that will be a pain in the butt. Also, what are the Dba's of the two stroke with a standard muffler config? My bike has 27 and a 1/4 inch wheels, and the tires are awefully thin, but I intend to replace them with a hybrid knobby tire because I end up riding on dirt trails a lot. Anyone see any problems there? Thanks for any and all help! I'll definitely have pictures put up of whatever ride I end up building!

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