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Default Re: Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.

Just absolutely great to hear Tiger.

Before reading your terms page, I wanted to read UK laws. LOL! Man, I thought U.S. Federal laws were a quagmire. You folks have laws about laws that govern how to make laws simpler so more laws can be made. One thing really cool that I just realized reading all that was the UK and EU seem to write laws in common language. (not so much common English. I know you guys invented the language but couldn't you be reasonable and speak it my way? ...wut?)

I then read your Conditions of Use page. Really good and well written. Did you do that your self? Aside from cancellations, the one thing I noticed is the consumer has 5 or 6 years to take issue. (seems incredibly generous for the buyer to have such time) If I have that correct, how would that address a product like an engine kit or clothing or any thing not meant to last that long? Below are some of the pages I read. Also was surprised that some organizations set some policies.

Not in any way advice or the like, just asking.

Again, am just glad to hear things are lookin' up. Being your own boss can be worse then any job out there, other then all the rest. (hehe, stole that from Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchil. shhh)

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