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Default Re: ALMOST ready for a test ride, BUT...

OK, the engine fired right up & sounded great...the rest of my problems, not so good, lol. The kill switch doesn't kill. I hooked the red wire to the white wire coming off the mag & the ground to the frame. The carb is stuck on WOT. When I twist the throttle, the entire cable housing moves, but I have no throttle control. I am being defeated by a few cents worth of plastic. GRRR! The bike looks pretty cool sitting in my driveway though, lol. I realize I am going to screw up all of this terminology, but here goes...when I remove the "cap" from the top of the carb, the throttle cable moves just fine, and the hollow "plunger" & needle valve slide up & down no prob. When I put it back together it's WOT time. Any help would be appreciated. Any Tucsonans make house calls? OK, just kidding. Seriously, I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Ride Safe!


PS: the screw/guide for the cable that goes into the "cap" (could someone supply me with the proper word?) is threaded all of the way down/in. I am going to try to thread it up/out right now.

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