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Default Re: 2-stoke MBs - Most climate-friendly motor vehicle on the planet!!

When comparing power for power, a two cycle is dirtier than a four cycle.

If you want to improve air quality especially in the Smoky Mountains, cut down all the pine trees.

Those Smoky Mountains What Makes the Blue Ridge Blue? Homeschool Rangers

The truth is the EPA limits for hydrocarbon emissions for a car are lower than the emissions of a full grown pine tree.

My save the planet thinking is:

Own the smallest vehicle to meet your needs (and have a motorbike as a second vehicle )
Drive it sensibly
Keep it tuned
Combine trips when possible
Carpool when I can
Avoid buying disposable anything
Say "Yes Ma'am" to your mother.
And finally, have two kids or fewer, not a whole litter!

(Sorry if that was too political)
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