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Default Re: Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.

Interesting and quite poignant your discussing the subject with candor.
First, it would seem prudent of course to have legal counsel look over your policy pages and offer informed opinion should you choose to continue.

That said, I did look through the policy pdf and it seems clear to me.
The other impression I get from your website and your post here is you
are trying to do the right thing, honor you commitments and would like customers to do the same.
That is commendable.

But, I also feel "buyers remorse" is an issue prone to rear it's head and particularly problematic, sooner or later, with these Chinese engines.
I realize this is slightly different from the immediate problem of fickle customers you are describing but the question of warantees is eventual and one reason that's kept me from pursuing business with these engines.

If the majority of customers were as handy and enthusiastic as the members of sites like this would be one thing but the sample here is minuscule compared to the public at large.

I know the low cost of the China engines is seen as a favorable factor in initial start-up and the idea of retailing them at an affordable price is tempting.
At another extreme I recently heard from one motorized bicycle builder here in the states who described his mode of operation as only using online want ads (c-list), never giving out his name or address, meeting customers at neutral locations and only taking cash with an all sales final, as is, policy. As disagreeable and unfathomable a way of doing business as that seems to me, his opinion was anyone was a fool to do it any other way. Takes all kinds.
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