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Default Re: Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.

And we wonder why some inflate their prices on fully built bikes.
They gotta bury their losses somewhere.

Honestly if I would sell a bike it would be built with good stuff but it's gotta have a decent sticker price meaning decent for my pocket. It's almost like a marriage. You can tack on any kind of guarantee any time line you like but your married to the customer even if the guarantee or whatever lapses because there's the possibility of ruining your name on the boards so you feel obligated to make right for them as much as it's make wrong for you.

But back on this semi topic sorry for derailing about raising prices on fully built bikes.
If it's high enough then one may vouch on getting a kit instead way less headaches on the seller I would think.

Look at it another way.

How much is an ATV greater than 250 cc? Some goes about 7 grand. Bet it costed the company less than a thousand bucks to build it.
Cars and trucks. 40 thousand dollar SUV costed the factory 4 thousand to build.

Kit Cars. Well look here. One can save some $$$ if one would put their own engine in. A little work save some cash.
Hey! How about YOU build it for me for a hundred bucks!

How utterly ridiculous is that?
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