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Default Re: engine kit on mountain bike

I took the bike out today for the first time,i primed it twice,pulled the pull start,It fired right up,then i adjusted the choke,climbed on released the clutch,twisted the throttle and off i was like i was riding a rocket,i tried to keep it around 20mph but it wanted to go way more,i only gave it half throttle too,i just went down the road to the store and back,i think i need to adjust the idle,i think its too high,will try to post pictures tommorrow.

Bicycleman,wow 20 miles,thats a lot,hope you build it strong.goodluck and i never heard of your bike,i must look it up.i looked up your bike,its really nice,but looks like a tight fit for v-frame engine,u might want to go with a 4stroke on back rack.

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