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Default Re: Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.

Under the UK Distance Selling Regulations Act 2001 and the Sale of Goods Act 1973 a customer is entitled to a FULL refund as long as the request to cancel is made in writing or by "durable" medium within 7 days of receipt. Of course customer #3 has been charged for the damage and had this deducted from the refund. He can take us to court if he feels hard done by.
Sadly we simply cannot maintain this run as a) the bank manager won't allow it and b) someone will end up with a blackeye!
A good suggestion from Dan was a non refundable deposit, i'd say somethign in the region of 15%, this would for us, be the equivalent of a re-stocking fee which is illegal to charge in the UK. Something to consider, as it would certainly eliminate impulse buyers.
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