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Default Need advice...Great site lots of info...

...I am new to this "concept" and this is the place to learn...alternatively get a little confused as well. (I know this has been asked in many forms but the answers seem to skirt the issue a bit.) I'm new to "motorized bicycles" for many reasons, retro appeal etc..but I would like to start from the perspective that I dont want a regular "moped" like the Tomos or others...I want a frame mounted motorized bicycle, (to resemble the early board track bikes), I want to commute at least 30 miles round trip 3-4 days a week @ 30 mph avg speed (up to 40-45 to accelerate), I weigh 200lbs and will be carrying a courrier bag w/me: specifically do I want a 2 or 4 stroke, how many CC's, and who makes the kit for me to start my build....please I've overthought this to exhaustion and need direction...
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