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Default Re: Why we're going bankrupt...a warning to others.


I'm really sorry to hear this, but I have to ask why!!!

Are you really, legally, obligated to appease these people?

Buyers remorse is for children! Growing up we all saved for that beloved item, and when we got it; we wished we had shopped wisely...It's a lesson learned as a child. Buyers remorse for adults???...I don't think so!

Honestly: If someone brought me back a cobbled-up bike asking for a refund, I'd tell them to grow up and go away! I have zero patience for this sort of thing. I certainly don't want to sound mean, or like I have a bad attitude, but I advise my customers as to exactly what MB's are all about. They have every opportunity to go play tiddly winks instead. A, "buyers remorse", refund does not fit into my business at all!!!

Now on the other hand, if they come in to the shop and say "I accidently cobbled this up", I will fix it for them for free, and based on the level of the Donkey cobble, give them a long lesson in what "NOT TO DO".

Cheer up Mike, and change your approach...There are a lot of customers out there that love these bikes, and will not give you childish grief.


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