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Default Re: Just getting started in all this

Thanks for the heads up, Dan. I really kind of hoped that the NE cops would feel that way, because the law is so 'Catch-22' and leaves room for interpretation. I feel more encouraged now. I read the thread that you provided and I saw that, in some areas of the state, they would lock you up for having an MB; that sounds a little extreme, to say the least. I was gonna give up on the whole thing, but your response made me feel a whole lot better. I know that the electric assist bicycle motor law kind of choked in the Senate, but it did make it through the New York Assembly. It's just that politics always drags along .... and leaves good people in its wake. I am not looking to put a slant 6 Plymouth engine on the thing, just a small motor to help me over the hills. Why does that have to be so difficult ?? But I do appreciate your positive response. Thank you. If you or anyone else hears something, please post it here. My best to you and everyone else. Bman
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