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Default engine not 100 percent.

so i pulled the carb off of the jet 80 and here is what i found. the gasket is very thin paper,and yes it was on tight but, the machining on the flange was so rough that i know it had to be leaking air. i mean there were scratches that were probably 1/64 deep. 1200 grit paper cleaned it right up. so after i got that done i plugged up the holes with my fingers turned it upside down to close the float and blew into it, guess what where the carb and manifold connect it was leaking BAD! this to was really tight. i even blew smoke thru it and i couldnt believe how bad it leaked. i am looking for an o ring to put in there or maybe some other fix but it should be easy enough. i know this will be a big impovement on my performance. will be the weekend before i get it up but will let ya all know.
greetings to all from snowy southwest colorado. frank
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