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Default Re: Who is this guy trying to kid?

Yeah thanks mate! I've slowly lost power and reliability on 2 motors to the
eventual point of being unable to start the motor. The first was a 50 and I
upgraded to the 80??cc so as to have spares. That died too and no amount of
perfect spares/swaps would help me get going again. along the way I found I
have a problem with salt water in the magneto chamber (I'm a fisherman and
getting home from work in a storm when your buggered you just don't care
about anything but a warm bed and sleep). Now I seal the chamber with
silicon and have found a longer way home that keeps me out of salt water. So
my problems were multiple and compounded by this arse up the road who
thinks that just cause I ride at odd hours I should be stopped. Last I
checked Australia is still a democracy.

Anyhow I caught the bugger at it and gave him a flogging - now the subject
of a court case!

Last time he got me I don't know what it is in my petrol but after draining
the tank I have a clear sludge (about 200 ml) at the bottom of 2 litres
fuel. The motor was flushed with new fuel and extra oil and I ran a tank at
10:1. I'm still in the run in period but the motor seems to have survived
and the plug is not oiled even though I'm still running rich and slow at
16:1. Anyhow I think it's sugar!

I think a good lock mechanism and old fashioned security is the GO

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