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Default Re: Just getting started in all this

Hey, Dan !! No, unfortunately my old Bianchi (circa 1991) does not have disk brakes. But it works and it should be okay for the conversion over to motor bike. That link did have a cool chopper !! I have a new issue that I have to deal with .... I was buying this motor to be used as a 'pedal assist' on the Bianchi. Now New York State DMV states that you cannot have any motor on a bicycle. I talked to the guy at Tech Services and he told me that I can't even register it as a moped. So now I have a motor and I am going to be unable to ride it in the streets; private property is okay. But it won't be street legal ..... so now I am trying to find a place where I can ride this thing around. I know that people are using Electric Assist bikes in NYC, with no problems. What a great state this is !! If you or anybody else knows where you can ride in either NYS or Connecticut, please let me know. As for May 2nd, I can't make it, due to a prior commitment. I will keep an eye out for the next one. What are other New York bicycle motorers doing about the NYS DMV restrictions ?? Thanks for the post - appreciate the response. Enjoy May 2nd !!!
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