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Default 2-stoke motorized bicycles - Most climate-friendly motor vehicle on the planet!!

G'day folks

For years you have swallowed the line that 2-stroke bicycle motors are dirty, polluting little monsters and not long for this world. Right? WRONG!!

A bicycle fitted with a 2-stroke bicycle engine kit is one of the most climate-friendly motor-vehicles on the planet.

I'm in Australia and keen to raise this issue both in Oz and elsewhere where you feel like a second-class citizen and have to sneak around on back roads to avoid the cops. For some odd reason that I don't understand, the very low carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint of motorized bicycles seems lost on just about everyone.

Air quality may be affected by 2-strokes in some cities, but the very low carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to greenhouse and climate change make motorized bicycles very climate-friendly.

Anyone want to discuss this?
Cheers, Greg at

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