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Default Re: Big Hello to everybody from down under!

Originally Posted by Sydneysider View Post
Hi, name is Eddy and would like to say G'day to my fellow bikers all over the world from Australia! I am glad to know that there is a forum about these cool bikes. I am running a 49cc Skyhawk engine on an MTB (will soon upload an avatar and picks of the bike), everything is stock except the rear sprocket which I have modded to fit a no spoke wheel. I built my first motorized bike 3 years ago when I had lost my drivers license but I got it back about a year ago and still havent stopped riding on these great little machines. Anyway, enough about me and thanks for reading my first post!
G'day cobber. Great engine you've got there. I've had one for 2 years. 3,500 engine kms (8,500 kms on the bike) and she's still running fine. Rebuilt the spark plug thread - that's all.

Also, I'm keen to get a network of motorized bicycle enthusiasts together to sort out the Aussie road regs. Drop me a line if you are interested.
Cheers, Greg at
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