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Default Re: 3spd vs 7spd

Howdy Metta. 7 with out a doubt is option I would choose. Aside from more gear options and ease of install, some day you will have only the bike to get you home. I run out of gas about once a month and have to peddle home or to the gas station or the inevitable break-downs. Also the higher gears really help when tooling along at a good clip. Just all around, 7 is better then 3, IMHO.

"I always use 7 speeds. Although only 1 out of 5 my derailer works properly. I'm too lazy to fix gears i don't need" LOL Ladies. Know what you mean. Ayup, have 3 out of 7 working gears after switching wheels and have yet to get around to it yet.

Thanks Joe. your right. Have to get on it. Sad part is I never get em right. Drives me insane.
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