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Default ALMOST ready for a test ride, BUT...

a couple of questions friends bike has 4 wires (3 + ground) on his kill switch, and I have a black ground wire & a red wire. When I was a young lad red meant hot, but I have black, blue, & white coming off of my mag. The black & blue connect to the do I wire up this *&^%^$ kill switch? Also, I think I hooked the throttle cable to my carb wrong. I have almost no movement in my cable. Maybe a 16th of a turn on the throttle. Does anyone have a pic, drawing or photo, of the correct way to connect the cable to the carb? I could try to explain in words the way I hooked it up, but I would probably just confuse the issue, & I don't have a digi cam. HELP!!

Ride Safe!

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