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Default Re: Big Hello to everybody from down under!

Man! I would have sworn in a court of law that it goes different ways in different hemispheres. But looking it up, Most folks are saying nope. Just for laughs Sydney, next time you see a flush make note of direction. Counter-clockwise here. (North America)

I give you my word, the first time I crossed the equator, I was continually flushing a toilet to test just this. (Right hand raised and my word of honer) It did in fact switch. Be scary if it was just the power of suggestion and yrs of binge drinking has altered memory and reality just to keep me amused.

Wouldn't be the first time, snork

YouTube - Which way does the water drain at the Equator? This could easily be "fixed" and falsified. for the visual only

Edit; I just retested using the toilet and sink. Toilet; counter-clockwise. Sink; clockwise. Now thats just 2 funny.

So in the great words of Emily Litela: Substitute Teacher, "Never Mind"
worst apocalypse ever

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