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Default The Most Fun In Years

Hello Everyone,
I Have Recently Got The Net And Was Amazed At How Many Of Us There Is Out There. I Am From The Frozen Antarctic Waste Land Of Green Bay Wisconsin Where Nobody Knows About These Bikes, And Where The Cops Laugh At You When You Drive By. There Was No One Around To Help With Some Of My Bike Problems Except My Brother In Law Who Bought A Kit With Me When I Went To His House To Use The Net. We Had Some Problems But We Fixed Them Ourselves. I Saw The Kit At The Back Of A News Letter. I Wanted A Cheaper Way To Drive Back And Forth To Work And At That Time Gas Was Close To 4 Bucks A Gallon And My Ford F-250 With A 460 6" Of Lift On 35" Tires Gave Me 6 To 10 Mpg...bad ,bad. It Was A 30 Mile Round Trip. My Girlfriend Thought I Was Nuts To Get A Kit Along With Some Of My Other Friends.They All Said, That Things Probably A Pileocrap. After They Seen Me On It And Not Letting Them Ride It They All Want One... But Want Me Or My Brother In Law To Install Them... Funny. I Have Had My Pk-80 For Over A Year And Have Easily Put A Good Few Thousand Miles On It Driving To Work And Back For Three Seasons Along With My Buddy And I Take Turns Riding It All Day On The Endless Dirt Roads Up North At My Cabin. We Emptied A 5 Gallon Jug! Now That Some Serious Riding. I Bought A Clam After I Destroyed My Back Wheel Doing Some Off Road. 50 Bucks For A 700c Rear Wheel Wasn't Pleasant, But The 700c Gave Me More Speed With A 34 Tooth Sprocket.Believe It Or Not But I Got To 43 Mph On The Flat With Stock Everything Except I Took Out The Baffle In The Stock Pipe To Kind Of What I Thought Make Some Cheesy Expansion Camber.well It Worked That's All That Mattered I Guess. I Want To Make Another Bike For Torque On A 26" Frame With A Larger Rear Sprocket Like A 60 Tooth Or Maybe Get One Of Those Shift Kits With An Internal Gear Hub. Will See, Lot Of Money. Well That's A Little Bit About Me. I Am New To This Internet Deal, But... I Will Be Completely Honest I Would Rather Be Riding My Bike.

Thanks All For Having This Site. Its What I Was Looking For.


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