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Default New from Kansas

Used this forum to help assemble a RAW Motors Kit into a 1949 Schwinn. Fabricated a motor mount from a Simpson galvanized framing tee and weight room rubber flooring. Had to switch the rear hub to a Bendix to get clearance for the rear drive gear. also had to change the stock Schwinn crank to a new after market crank to gain clearance for the motor sides. I found advice here for forcing the clutch arm a few times which was really tight from setting in the box. That free'd it up to release. The intial test run worked pretty well. I made a extension rod from a coat hanger to adjust the choke from the top frame tube, saves reaching down.

I have a problem though. I have lost the carburetor idle adjustment screw. I guess I turned it out too far today and it came out on a test run. Is there an easy fix without buying an entire new carb?

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