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Default Re: new intro from NEPA

I have been getting so many many ideas from this site , that I felt it was time to say hello and make an intro before I posted any where else first.

I accidentally was googling for "bicycles with motors" and my first site was bikeberry and I have been hooked on these projects ever since that day (about a month now) LOL

Well i ordered a nice 80 cc kit from them and was as excited as a 5 year old at Christmas when the package arrived. After I opened it though and looked at the "directions" which were no more than a parts list I about thought i was threw trying to figure this motor kit out. But I am very mechanically inclined and also a professional welder so i knew if I could not mount it I would weld that sucker into place !!

But I went back inside to my old friend Google and found a few video tutorials and then I located this site in the process, and my life has been made complete to realize there are so many like minded adults who like to build Motor bikes. I never knew this as i thought motors and bicycles never went together *silly thinking i know* and to be honest since I was a boy and had a paper route I have always dreamed of marring a motor with a bicycle !! Im so impressed of the amount of motorized bicycle knowledge there is here and elsewhere on the web.

Thanks for reading my intro, I hope to become a biigger part of Motor Biking in the future, My 2nd motor is on the way as the wife needs one now also.

here is a pic of first build 7 hours and alot of tweeking but she works great

Oops I guess the site requires a few posts before I can show you my ride*sighs* I will wait it out ................I apologize about the other intro, didnt know I had posted a link inside the message also. Admin please delete my other intro
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