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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Clean the throat of the carb and intake manifold. Make sure there is no oil or dirt then smear a silicone sealer, such as RTV or silicone gasket sealer on the intake. Slide the carburetor onto the intake manifold, tighten the clamp, (don't overtighten it, you can break the ears off the carb) and let the sealer set up (dry) before checking for leaks. Be careful using an 'O' ring in the carb. There have been reports of them getting sucked into the engine and can cause you real grief. If you get a good seal with the silicone you will not need that 'O' ring. Good luck.
Thank you very much for your advice. Will clean all parts again and try gasket sealer on intake/carb connection. Puzzles me why the designed fastner connection won't take care of the air leak - lead me to the possibility of a defective part.
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