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Default exhaust mod

I had a some issues with my exhaust set up. I could not get the exhaust to clear the frame of the bike. I tried all the trick and eventually bent the exhaust pipe and was left with a not so sightly exhaust pipe. In an attempt to make lemons into lemonade i came up with this mod. I hope it can keep a few exhaust pipes out of the landfill.

For the mod you will need:

1/2 inch compression to thread EMT fitting (at least two) pack of 6 is about 2 dollars
1/2 inch pre bent EMT (one) about 3 dollars
something to cut the exhaust pipe and EMT
half inch pipe thread tap (probably the most difficult to procure)

although i didn't use it a sealing compound would be helpful to prevent leaks.

The compression fitting disassembled

The flange is threaded. the compression fitting is shortened so it does not extend past the flange.

The muffler is threaded

finished product. strap can be affixed.

The whole setup can be adjusted with an open ended wrench in minutes. The freedom of motion is much greater than any other set i have seen.
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