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Default Getting rid of the Uglies

There are several items from the original China Gal kits that I've never liked. As far as asthetics, the chain tensioner was one of them so I took care of that on my new bike. Two others were the heat shield spring on the clutch cable and ignition wiring. That ugly spring laying up against the cylinder fins just looks like crap so I did what is pictured below. I used 3/16 steel brake line tubing at the engine cable attach point, bent it to come up to a clamp I made that picks up one intake manifold bolt. This keeps the cable away from the cylinder and looks a lot cleaner than that spring.
I used 16-3 S.O. cord to replace the short engine ignition leads and drilled out the plastic plug to fit the cord. My wiring isn't complete yet but the new cord will run under the engine, up the seat tube to the CDI which is mounted under the front of the seat. I'm not sure how anyone else will like these ideas but they suit me and sure clean up some of the uglies I've lived with on my first bike.
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