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Default Just getting started in all this

Hello to everyone .... I recently became interested in motorized bicycles, after viewing several other
websites related to chopper bicycles, custom bicycles, etc. After viewing these sites, I thought how cool it would be to build a chopper and then place a small motor on it for pedal assist. Seems like there are others out there who have the same thought. I have just purchased my first kit and it should be arriving next week. I have become so interested in all this that I am going to learn how to weld and braze. In addition, I am also going to do something that I always wanted to do - get a motorcycle license and a motorcycle. I have always loved to bicycle and will continue to do it; I am just expanding my interests in the area of two wheel transportation. I look forward to posting info on
this site, when I have an opportunity. And I also look forward to enjoying motor assisted bicycling -in this area of New York state, you need motor assistance going up and down hills. If anyone can point me to sources of parts and any groups in New York state that do any riding, I would be interested in knowing about them. Thank you ... will see you all soon in this forum. All the best to you ....
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