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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Help! What is a 3speed clutch handle!!?
How do I know if I need it?
How would I know if the motor has a centrifugal clutch?
Why is it useful if you have a centrifugal clutch?
If it is removed,will it hurt the centrifugal clutch??????????
It also had a pull start that has been removed.
There is only one thread here on this motor and was pretty inconclusive as one person didn't actually have it,and was guessing what it could be and just got speculative answers.
I hope someone has an answer because this is causing an argument between me and the guy building the bike.
SO far as stated above he gutted the plastic controller,and removed the pull start and he says it's only if you have a 3speed bike.
I think the extra cable is for a brake(which I don't have the caliper brakes installed yet as they are 12 mi from here right now)and he won't work on it till Monday if he even does anymore...
There was NOTHING in the instructions about the 3speed clutch.
Even I know you cannot get three speeds out of a clutch.
Is it a dual clutch /brake lever?
I read something about three clicks to disengage the clutch but it was a sketchy answer to say the least.
Frikkin chinese !
They oughta get an interpreter for these improvements.
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