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Default Re: Assembly defects, with pics & other stuff

Thanks Jim for that reply.

I've been on this forum for about 8 months now resolving issues with my Tanaka motor
and getting my first build running dependably. (after years of it sitting around in a box and having
no source of info, parts, or specs....which I don't want to repeat again)

In that time I've read plenty about these Chinese motors and even the Russian
ones wondering what I'd be getting into with one. As there are none of them running around in
my area, I rely on the net and boards like this one for info. I haven't seen a total teardown &
rebuild manual and having somehting like that to reference would make a difference in my
decision to buy one of these motors.

I'll consider buying a 49cc now that I know something like a "Motor's Manual" is available with
more detailed rebuild info. I'm glad to hear someone who is as qualified as you make an appraisal
of these.

If you wanted to set up some technical eBooks for your web site so that people could download
them from there, then freewares like this may be of interest:

eBooksWriter LITE

eBooksWriter LITE - Create an ebook visually, even as EXE. Pass and copy protection.

Some of the features in the software could make the visual illustrations really helpful.

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