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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
That Back Chain Looks Scary Loose. Do You Have A Test Driver?? Ha Ha Ron
Ha ! Yes it was loose at that point.And yes I do have a test driver LOL ! (It ain't me !)
But I have a question here.The guy who is building my bike took off the pull start,and says he is either going to cut down the cover(as it won't clear the pedals with it it on)so thats got things on hold.
He also gutted that three speed clutch handle,and the handle is plastic.I was wary about that and had him look at the forum here and someone said it was for three speed bikes?I don't think so but I have been reading this forum for weeks.
So it looks like the clutch isn't disengaging because he can't get it to pedal freely.
The lever says three speed? But now it is gutted of the parts in the lever. And there were no instructions on how to hook it up.So he gutted it...
I read that the plastic levers break and you need to get a new one.Do you know where I can get a new lever,and are you familiar with this pull start motor with the "three"speed clutch?
I was trying to wrap my brain around what you were saying there but I don't get it .
If I can find a new clutch lever (would like to find a new plate to cover the area where the pull start was too but he thinks he can cut it down and make it work)but with the new clutch lever would it work like a normal 80/66cc?
A search for the clutch lever just gets me loads of complete China motors.
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