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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
Hi, And Welcome. You Landed In A Good Place!! You Are Starting Out With Nice Toys. I Have 3 Of The Choppers, And One Of The Tiny Ones That Come With Training Wheels. I Am Way To Big For The Choppers, But They Are So Cool.. I Often Go To The Top Of The Forum Page And Click On "recent Posts", Then I Get The Freshest Scuttlybutt!! Ha Ha The Forum Is As Important As The Kit!! Imho. Enjoy Your Builds. They Need Tlc And You Shouldn`t Hollar At Them ! Ron
Hiya neat ! The Stingray is beautiful,and almost has the look of the new Whizzer Ambassador in a way.
There is a Whizzer dealer in Dixon (Nazi town)Illinois.I wonder if I went to a welding place if they could do something to make the frame bigger ...The Schwinn Spoiler uses the same wheels no?
I have seen some adults riding the Stingray and it doesn't look too gay when you're motoring instead of pedalling on You tube.
Not sure what to do with that thing...may motor it and sell it?
Same with the Jesse James Chopper.I just couldn't resist buying them.
Total 100 dollars for both of them.
Isn't there a page here with just all the different forums like a menu of them?
PS I like your 70 Moostang...I had a red 69 Mach 1 that was stolen from me by a former Chicago cop LOL
I wish there was a link here that would lead you to all the forums like usenet used to have by category.Or if there is one I cannot find it?
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