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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Well it was 182.00 with shipping and insurance.I wanted the EPA approved (which I see the Chinese fake those tags also)and the latest incarnation of the motor.Just thought it was the most deluxe.The Grubee was 129 with shipping or something like that.Reasonable.Yeah ! I really like those bags too, !!!!
I have a motorcycle license but didn't like motorcycles.When they break you're stuck!I like bicycles because you were the motor,and it was better for your cardiovascular system than twisting your wrist.The terrain out here makes the motorbicyle the best of both worlds!(I am outside of Dixon<~Dixon is Roland Reagan's home town and is Nazi-ville)I always call him Roland on purpose so the Reagan lovers can correct me ! LOL Then I say no,I think it was Roland They have pictures of his Howdy Doody puss all over Dixon yet.He is thier false god still.My friend and I did a drive by spitting on his boyhood home! Thanks Ronnie for the Bushes ! I digress yet again...
Out here there are a lot of mild grades that are uphill all the way,and the occasional big dog that'll woof at ya and chase ya.Which is not so good on a long uphill grade and you are pooped out..Where I used to live I had one of Illinois' best bike paths out my back door.It was perfect for my Schwinn 10 speed road bike.I really miss that path along the Fox River.But it wasn't worth it to live in the city run by megalomaniac self absorbed idiots who sat around thinking of things you cannot do enforced by armed to the teeth bulletproof vest wearing men in cop costumes and magical pentagram pins.
(Actually when the city was run by the former Police Chief it was a great town...but they forced him out)
I was saying for the last 2 summers..If I'm gonna ride 20 miles a day again...I need a motor!
So this (motorized bike)is grrrreat !
I weighed the options,and didn't like the rackmount because the center of gravity thingie...electric doesn't get you too far,and then I saw this thing and that would be even worse if you had a pothole or slipping forward incident ! I had to LOL at this thing.No way would I wanna ride this !
=-) So the cruiser is for me...I guess.
And yes! This is a good place ! Thanks!
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