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Default Re: What Engine Kit is Best

Hi Dave, welcome. Bicycle Engines, Motorized Bicycles, Bicycle Motors, Motored Bikes: 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Kits! has one with the Honda clone. I am told Dax is soon to come out with one using his Titan engine. I do not know when it will be out, but Dax has great service and kits.

I have just started my first 4 smoker Honda build with a grubee gear box and I was shocked at the high quality. Really, really happy with it. The down side is the engine is set up to be a utility engine and not a MB. Took a lil more work the the more common clones.

I know there is not as much information about the 4 stroke kits, but keep asking folks. This being my first, I may not be of great help.

Hough is a member here. Awesome Honda build;

here are some links;
worst apocalypse ever

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