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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Hi ex_cathedra. Wow, 180 then shipping? can get wide cranks. They look odd but would work. has one and 3 pc sets. I am just doing my first 4 stroke and the one pc that came with it was really easy to put in.
A rack mount would be great on a womans bike frame. There are a few but I really like thatsdax. Great service and hardware.
The back fenders seem to do well. I spray paint the inside where they attach to the frame but have never heard of any one having a problem with the rear fenders.

The 50/80 cc thing never comes up and I have never met a cop here who even know about the difference. They look exactly the same even if they did look close.

That is a bummer big time about the way the cops were/are. really is getting out of hand. Glad your better off now
Cool looking bags! That's gonna look sharp
worst apocalypse ever
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