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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Hi Dan ! Well I also have a vintage looking carrier rack for the back,and some real nice leather fringe slant bags....Hate to get them all muddy,and me muddy too! I also bought some 11 inch apehangers...though at 11 inches they are more like rhesus monkey bars? My friend building this says not to use them on the Greenline,theres generator lights,mirrors etc sitting in boxes waiting for installation....I hoped to have it look sort of like an old Whizzer Ambassador-ish look for the two cruisers.However I went wayyyy overboard (I was depressed cuz I got a bad haircut !)so I went spend crazy!
These bikes may get sold as soon as they are done because the porch is now falling off my house!
I got ripped off on the first motor =-( spent $180,and it has a pull start that wont clear the pedals,so my friend took off the pull start, and he says he will make a plate...we'll see how that goes.)
Thanks on the encouragement on the aluminum
bike cuz thats the one I may end up with !
That one has a suspension seat which makes it a little too high for me.
I wish there was a gas motor for ladies bikes.
They are a lot less scary if you slip after hitting a pot hole er sumthin.
Isn't a MAGNA a Huffy ?
I could not find ONE picture of the MAGNA Vermillion 6 speed on the entire www.
Like someone said here....if Huffy made an airplane ...would you fly in it?
At least with these you don't have to have the seat adjusted for a full extension of your leg for the downpedal when you're motoring !
Thanks for the welcome Dan and the advisements.
Like I said though the front fender is too fat for the springer front end.
Also no where to mount it.
With no fender on front it would be OK looking I guess,but not the look I was trying to achieve.Then it would get the ape hangers?
(For the hot rod look)
Are the back fenders dangerous?
And even if not they need to be cut I think after looking at all the pics of the bikes with fenders I have seen so far....
It's about 85-90% done now and he will finish it tomorrow?
I want the tank painted red too with white sides and have two crossed checkered flags decals coming that say ZM 50cc cuz it's an 80cc which I have seen is really a 66 cc? So for the sake of the Po-po a good decal should allow the power of suggestion to imply it's 50.I didn't know 50 was the limit in my state till after I bought what i thought was the Deluxe Motor 80cc w/pull start,and some crazy 3 speed clutch?
I cannot tell if the handle for the clutch is plastic (which I hear from lurking about, break)because it is black.
The second motor is a Grubee 48cc Starfire cuz I am scared of the police.They are not all crazy,but there are taser crazy psycho cops these days.
I had a GUN pulled on me in the icky Chicago suburbs because I had a Porsche 924 with two flat tires for one and a half business days IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY!
I have escaped to the country because of that!(And redlight camera's with shortened amber lights)
The so called government is out of control and run by sociopaths.
The bigger the population the more weirdo's that think they are "authorities" and try and run every aspect of your waking life.
That was a KRIME they flat no crime.
I had wheels on order and it started off with zoners putting a big red sticker on the car.
I also caught the city lying to me and they admitted it.
They didn't like it every time they said anything else & you say"I caught you in a do I know you're not lying NOW?"
Then after a while 12 cops and one pulled a gun ...for talking !
I told him G'wan Shoot me! I could use the non disclosure settlement money.
An the older cop blocked the gun of the jitterbug cop.
Anyway I digress....
Toodaloo 4 now Dan and thanks again!
Heres my brand new slant bags (one of them)and my rack
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