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Default Re: Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Thankye fairracing and deacon ! I saw those mounts from Barry on eBay thanks to lurking here.I hope my friend can make me one when the time comes for the Stingray. I just brought the Stingray home yesterday.It almost broke my nose getting it out of the car! I used to live a LOT closer to Chicago but I escaped to the country ! Where I used to live there were lotsa thrift shops,but in the rural area's it's slim pickings for clothes and I haven't seen a bike in any of these yet.
I got the Stingray and West Coast Chopper on Craigslist but out here it's a lot of driving to get what you want.
I am however having a little difficulty navigating the forums here.There are a LOT of posts here!
Do you access the forums through quick links?
Never the less thanks again for your support and making me feel at home here!!!!
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