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Default Re: Sprocket troubles and woes

I have just returned from the bike store where I was able to get my coaster brake adjusted correctly after I messed it up yesterday. The nice young man patiently explained the inner workings of the brakes and how the parts had to fit a certain way; and I just nodded as if I understood what he was saying. As a newcomer my advice to all newcomers is to be careful when you are taking something apart. I plan to get a camera when budget permits. The bike guy adjusted my hub while I waited and it took a couple of minutes and cost $15.00. I feel lucky. I walked through the showroom and saw bikes starting at $499.99 (nothing cheaper for adults) and went to $4,999.99. I have never seen a five thousand dollar bicycle before. I was sort of in awe of it all. In late 1974 my buddy and I bought an airplane (1948 Aeronca Champ) that was licensed and flying for $1500.00. And the guy delivered it from Tennessee to South Carolina for us....Neither of us could fly at the time.
Thanks for the help and advice. Now back to the dreaded sprocket again.....
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