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Default Hi De Ho Motor-o's I'm done lurking !

Hi everybody ! I've been lurking and loving what I was reading here.I ordered motors and 2 new bikes to go with them.I think I went overboard because I am broke now for the rest of the month !So while my bikes and motors were in transit I lurked and lurked.Welp they are here and now I can speak up!
My friend is helping me make these.He is a former vintage Jaguar mechanic,and a biker when he was younger so I think he can pull it off.He finds these bikes as interesting as I do,As I write this he is starting work on my brand new Greenline Beach cruiser.We also have a Brand new Montego (cheapie)
""beach cruiser".The Montego is cheap compared to the Greenline.I also found two choppers used I probably shouldn't have bought....I have one West Coast Chopper,and a girls Stingray ...the difference is the pink flames (and they may come off ).
I am near Dixon Illinois and if anyone in Dixon wants to buy the West Coast Chopper(for $50 what I paid for it) let me know.
That one looks real hard to do.
This is scary taking a brand new bike as nice as the Greenline and screwing things to the new paint,and maybe chopping fenders on it.
I do have a question as I see a bad front fender can faceplant you and I don't think I would like to try faceplanting!
The choppers are on the back burner for now...
I also have a curvy mens 6 speed MAGNA Vermillion thats aluminum that looks good for $5 (all I had was women's bikes,one a road bike,and one mountain bike that wouldn't do the motors)
Now I see the aluminium bike may not be so good?
Thats another bike on the back burner.
Anyway today starts the build on the Greenline oversized beach cruiser.The next is the Montego
I bought 2 Greenline springer forks, one for the Greenline,and one for the Montego.
Well the Greenline Springer fork has a hole for the brake but none for the fender...
I would like both fenders on both bikes.The fender may fit the springer with the Montego...but the Greenline fender is too fat for the springer.
And even if it wasn't I don't see how we can attach it if it did.
The back fender is another issue too.
The Greenline has a beautiful candy apple red paint job and a ducktail fender I would like to keep on it and chopping it up makes me a little squeamish.
(And that faceplanting thing is something to consider!)
I found your forum via Google when i had questions it seems like this is one of the best forums on the subject.
So Hi De Ho !
Thanks for being here !
Heres the bikes!
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