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Default Re: Assembly defects, with pics & other stuff

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
So to fix it you just moved it back 120 degrees? That particular crank still in use or is it sitting with parts? And how hard or easy was it to dissasemble the engine that far?

I'm truly appreciating your work.

Yes, simply bolt the weight back on clocked in the right position. This only applies to an engine that is vibrating EXCESSIVELY. If it's just a little worse than usual, it is unlikely that this is the problem. When the weights are clocked wrong the engine will REALLY vibrate.

This crank will be balanced with new weights that I will manufacture here, and then used in one of my new engines.

It's easy to disassemble these engines, with one exception; the magnet. On some engines the magnet for the magneto is really stuck to the crankshaft. There isn't enough room between the magnet and the case to get a typical puller to work. The crank is small in diameter on this end, and easily damaged. If the magnet is stuck, you must be patient. A combination of PB Blaster, or Liquid Wrench, and two small flat blade screw drivers behind the magnet wil eventually get it free. Again, you can't rush this. If you try to force it, the crank will end up permanently damaged.

As long as you have the universal puller tool that comes in some kits and is available at DAX, the tear down only takes about 1/2 hour; if the magnet isn't stuck.

"I'm truly appreciating your work."

Thanks, I figured from some of the posts I've read lately that this info may help others to diagnose problems and/or be a bit more equipped to describe a warranty claim to thier reseller.

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