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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

HappyValley, you may be quite right about the quality of those bikes. I've never owned
one of them. What I was thinking was 1) availabiltiy, 2) price, 3) the fact that it's all new with a
recipt from the store (to satisfy the BMV's requirement of proof it isn't stollen) and
would represent a good faith effort on behalf of a builder (in the eyes of the court should
the builder wind up there) to produce an affordable high milage vehicle as a solution to high fuel cost.
Seems no matter what a person considers there is little money to be made with the current prices
of motors and of bikes. It will probably require a return of $4.00 fuel prices to make
people reconsider these. There's a lot of 65 to 100 mpg motor bikes and scooters that can be
purchased quite reasonably. So a builder is between low fuel prices and available substitutes in
the used motor scooter market.

I noticed today on TV, "The Weather Channel" was reporting the demand for high gas milage Hybrid
cars is down 66% from where they were last year at this time.

If memory serves me, back in August of this past year we touched on this and concluded it's probably better that people set up their own so only those with skills enough to build and understand these bikes could have one and the clueless credit card buyers wouldn't ruin
the hobby for all the rest of us. LOL

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