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Default Re: Warped Chinese Sprocket!

Originally Posted by Retmachinist View Post
Hey Jim, This sprocket was the weirdest one yet. That .080 came over a span of only 10 teeth, and the rest ran fairly true. I have been going back and forth between the lathe and the hydraulic press tweeking it a little at a time. I don't think it is worth it. Something is really CHINESE about this one. It may be heading to the scrap pile. I should send it back to the scrap peddler it came from.
I enjoy working on these things, but some of this is rediculous!


The .080" deflection over a span of 10 teeth, was probably created during the stamping process of the sprocket. The die was not set right and that area became forged under the pressure of the stamping process. A trip to your favorite shop that has both a Rockwell "C" scale tester and a Brinell tester will prove this out. I'm willing to bet that the area that is warped is also tough as spring steel due to the die off-set.

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