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Default Sprocket troubles and woes

I unsuccessfully mounted the sprocket to my Huffy cruiser today. Nearing the end (Ithought) I found there was not enough room for the brake arm to fit into it's slot. I thought if the sprocket would go further up on the hub just a little it would fit. I took it all back apart and with a half round file I tried to enlarge the bore. When I held it together and put the pedal chain back on and the brake arm it looked like it would work and I wished there was a way to put the bolts back through the sprocket while I had it all hanging there. But I took it apart and then I don't know how I did it but when I got ready to install the bolts through the sprocket the second time I had somehow widened the hub on the brake side and the dust cover won't go over by the hub by about 1/16" or more. It seemed like I was running the axle bolt back and forth and I could see a race type bearing on the brake side poking out. I cannot get it back like it was. Bad day for the old folks here!
Please help.
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