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Talking Re: Leif of the High Desert So Cal


I doubt you will find a local dealer for the kit. But you never know. Most all are order over the net, eBay, etc. DAX is a reputable seller. The guy I bought from has a variable reputation - but he was highly recommended, yet luck of the draw, I got a non-functioning carb. But it was less than $200 to my delivery bay (which is a fancy term for my front porch or garage if I'm home ) and I've probably got another whopping $30-40 into the thing which includes my $22 carb from ThatsDAX, dual level brake, chain splitter, beer, gas, oil from my stock, etc! Already have that much fun out of it.

So bottom line - HANG LOOSE - if you have been wrenching your entire life, well the kit is a bit like buying a basket case. Ignore the instructions and do it right!
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